PS4 LFG Players

New to this forum I play every day I want more people to play with I have 10 lore challenges done and I have a headset I love this game and need more positve players
Add Reidel1017 I play CST

you just got to network. add players that perform well in matches, especially when they are close games. make sure you have your mic on even if no one else does, because when you see you are in a match with group(s), chances are they are in a PSN chat and might add you to the group if they see you got a mic.

I typically invite players that do well and have mics if there is room in the chat. Always better to roll in a bigger group. I added a lot of friends through Battleborn. Feel free to add me, USMC31104. Join the chat party I am in whenever available.

Dropped you in to the PS4 coop play section, best of luck.