[PS4] Lk Queen's Call Corossive anointed (for all or fl4k fade away)

I have anointed : Fire Lyuda

Rad Rowan’s Call

Queen’s Call (Fl4k)

Fire Lucian’s Call

The Holistic Butcher

Cocky Flakker (moze)

Itchy Flakker

Subsidized Conference Call

Artic Tamed Night

Oozing vigorous Roisen’s thorns

The Duc (Moze)

Itchy Gratifying Laser Sploder (Rad)

Double penetrating gratifying laser sploder (fire)

The transformer one for all and one for Moze

Augmented Stop Gap

Non annoited :

Sticky Quasar

Storm Front

Mitosis Hex cryo

Reccuring Hex (Shock an rad)

MirvTacular (cryo)

Engulfing vicous Ogre

Double Penetrating Devastator

Nuclear Resolute LYUDA

Nuclear JEricho

Lucian’s Call (fire)

King’s Call (fire)

Relics an class mod

Ice Breake Deathless

Elemental projector Deathless

Last stand Otto idol

Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter

Blood-sucking blessed Blast Master

Hazy Molly Rocketeer

Armor plated Booming Beear Trooper

therloboric Mind Sweeper

Antihero Preped Techspert

Giant Slayer Bounty Hunter

Ventor Ranger Cosmic Stalker

What are u looking for? Looks great

Good Last stand Otto idol (crit/weapon damage/cooldown/mag siz)/ good Bloodletter mod /good Deathless relics

Will holla at you later. Have some. Gotta check the stats.

Damn, want that mirv tacular hex but don’t have the juice to trade. That’s a popular mod right now.

I have some deathless relics. I’ll have to check which ones when I get home later.

I could use a good grenade or poss mod or something

Hey interested in elemental projector deathless
What would u want for it?

Good Last stand Otto idol (crit/weapon damage/cooldown/mag siz)/ good Bloodletter mod /good Deathless relics

Got screenshot of your elemental projector?

Anything for you?

Yeah the Electric Slide Deathless and your last stand otto idol so what do you want ?

Add me psn Tonestar44 and we can talk via mic

Lol i’m french and very bad in english sorry for the mic just tell me here what you want ^^

Can u show me in game the class mods? Interested also in recurring hex ones. Cant decide lol

I add you

Ok gimme 5 min

Hey I’m looking for a recurring hex add me on psn blade9110

and what’s stuff yo want trade ?

I got a deathless relic that’s pretty good + 40 magazine + 21 action Cooldown +27 melt