[PS4] Lk Queen's Call Corossive anointed (for all or fl4k fade away)

Thx 4 the fast trade. Good guy

Thx you too

no it’s good for this i looking for better last stand otto idol and good Bloodletter

maybe we can figure out a trade for that mirvtacular

Elemental projector deathless
Still avail?
Psn: AFPacMAC msg me if so

yes but what do you have to trade ?

I have good blood letter mods
Add me sakuradog808 on PSN

Can you tell me what you want and the stat on these mods ?

Thanks but I have better for my character… sorry

ok cool

Still have the Double penetrating gratifying laser sploder (fire)? If so what would u want for it?

Good Last stand Otto idol (crit/weapon damage/cooldown/mag siz)/ good Bloodletter mod

Dont have either sadly thanks for the reply tho

Lf nirv hex psn killzone337

I have corrosive, just not annoited hahn

have queens call anointed for increased damage do you have a hunter mod for flak