PS4 local Co-Op on same account?

Hello, sorry if this was asked before however I could not find any info related to this. I want to know how to play on the same ps4 account locally but with two of my characters. I wanted to level up a gunzerker (or any character) but when I try to select a new character its not showing up, and I cant log two controllers in at the same time on my main account. My only option is to either sign in as a guest, or select a different account but then the saves are under those accounts. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

If it’s the same as 360/XB1, it can’t be done: you can only local co-op as ‘guest’ (no progress saved) or signed in as a second profile. If you have on-line access, try posting in the on-line play & trading section for a partner to help level you.

Power level a sal on a second account. Then use him to level new characters on your first account. I don’t need to do this yet but that’s my plan.

It’s kinda balls that my brother/friend whatever can’t join me in an OP8 run anymore doing couch co-op.

Sony has a bad habit of being stupid when putting out something new. EQ to EQ2 they took steps back in a few areas. PS3 to PS4 is the same way. Stupid light on the controller, not being able to play PS3 games I purchased from the store on my PS4, and each controller needing its own account when turned on.