PS4: Looking for 5th player for tournaments!

Greetings! Many of you may remember me from back when Battleborn first came out! I’ve written a fair share of posts on Reddit and this forum, and am an ex-member of Team Stunlock! I have come together with Blood Meridian members Silvernighthawk, Mechapanda and Odiferous to make a formidable team and we are shooting for 1st place in the Choctaw Qualifier Tournament to get sponsored by Gearbox so that our airfare and hotel stay are paid for at the actual Tournament. We are looking for 1 more teammate to finish our roster and will be doing tryouts over the next couple of days. First, I’d like to go over a few requirements we would like people to be able to meet:

  1. You HAVE TO be able to compete in the Qualifier on Feb 11 and able to go to the actual tournament March 3-5. You will also have to cover your part of the entry fee for each tournament. $16 for Qualifier, $45 for Choctaw
  2. We are looking for someone who can play at least one of Benedict, Bolder or Marquis at a high skill level. You should also be able to play other characters at a high skill level and be able to play a few more comfortably.
  3. You should have good, clear communication skills. Know when to listen and when to make callouts.
  4. A cool head is also important. There may be high stress situations at these tournaments. You need to be able to think calmly, logically and not falter when the going gets tough. Getting upset or frustrated is understandable, but raging will not be accepted.

These are our basic needs for a teammate. If you are interested, please send me a message on reddit, Luckmod, here or at my psn, Luck_Mod. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments. I would be interested in hearing what characters you are skilled with and which you are comfortable with at a competitive level. Please don’t tell me that you are comfortable with everyone because I won’t believe you. Knowing how every character plays is not what we mean by comfortable. If you have any previous tournament experience, please let me know. You may also include anything else that you think is important or defines you as a player.

Here is the link to the Choctaw Tournaments:


Do we know what game modes will be played in the March tournament?

It will be alternating Meltdown then Incursion. The map is voted on by “strike system” but idk what that means. There are a number of people getting clarification on some of the rules today.

That’s were they lost me too ha but cool I’m interested and will send an application on ps4 after work

If it’s easier you can also send it to me on discord Luck_Mod#7053

As VGP explained it to me, map striking is something both teams will do before each match. Each team will be allowed to strike out a map that they don’t want to play.

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I will not be participating in this since my team only plays Incursion competitively, however I don’t think having a best of 7 for grand finals to be a good idea and best of 3 to be for normal matches.

In the last PS4 HGL tournament, the grand finals took about 7 hours, and that was just a best of 3 (though it included a bracket reset for a total of 6 matches).

I personally thought that the structure was very good (1 match, but double elimination) aside from the team advantage (no stage striking or fair decisions on who gets to be team 1), and trying to do it all in one day.

Good feedback. I stayed up past midnight to watch the PC tourney wrap up, it definitely felt too long. I’ll pass this note along to VGP.