(PS4) Looking for a level 72 badaboom and slagga (op 0) will give weapons in return

Been having a hard time trying to get these on my own, any help would be really awesome. My PSN is Wafflebro99 if you want to help me out send me a message on psn, i’ll give a level 72 bitch, sham shield, and harold in exchange. thanks! :slight_smile:

Update: Recently just got help and now own both weapons, I am no longer in need of assistance

They’re both very easy to farm. Not sure why you’d be having trouble?

Yeah I know but I just got back into playing the game recently on UVHM and accidentally skipped the quest that allows me to farm for the slagga over and over. As far as the badaboom goes i’m able to farm that myself but it does take alot of time and patience and King Mong sometimes has a chance of not spawning, i’d rather find someone who already has both and would be willing to help me out.