PS4--Looking for a luck cannon (70)- Trading Unending Proletarian Revolution (70) and lots more!

Im looking for any luck cannon, preferably one without huge sights as i do mostly hipfiring and need to see. Ive got plenty of good trades, all level 70… As already stated, Unending Proletarian Revolution, Homing Quasar, Bladed Torrent (Shock), Warming the Shooting Star (Shield, immunity to cryo), Celestial Lawbringer Class Mod, Double Penetrating 88 Fragnum, Promotional Cheat Code (Shock), and Lobbed Storm Front… Ill give away a free level 56 eridian enforcer class mod with one of these…

If you have a twofer luck cannon- ill trade ALL of the above. Yes… ALL OF IT.
PS4-- add: Its_Johnny_Bravo

I have the two fer luck cannon. I only want the revolution though. Is that the only version u have?

yes, i tend to think its the better