[PS4] Looking for co-op partners for digistruct peak, missions, etc

Hey everyone. I have a lvl 72 OP2 commando. I’m looking for anyone who wants to play together to complete missions, farm legendaries, or do the digistruct missions to get to OP8. Thank!

PSN: Icerunner45

Hey @cgjohnst.

I went ahead and put you in the corresponding section to heighten your chances of finding a PS4 partner. Best of luck.

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Add me
Psn is drinkingcloud

Im at central u.s time zone

I have a Zero op5

Added you.

I’m on tonight if anyone wants to play.

I have a op8 Salvador, Zer0 and a lvl 72 krieg.
ID: go078ku

What are you looking to do?

Can add me.

PSN - Sithgear75