PS4 looking for co-op partners/leveling/gear/etc

Greetings, all. Long-time Borderlands player here who recently picked up the Handsome collection. I’ve been playing Borderlands and Borderlands 2 since they came out, but the catch - and there always is one, isn’t there? - is that I played them on the Xbox 360. As a result of Microsoft’s direction at the beginning of this gen, I bought a PS4 which means I’m starting over from scratch, despite having a maxed-out Axton, Maya and Gaige on my Xbox, along with a 20-something Zer0 and 30-something Salvador.

So here I am, hat in hand.

I’ve been grabbing as many SHiFT keys as I can to help with gear, but if any kind souls feel like dropping some lowbie gear on me or dragging me into their game for some leveling in either BL2 or BLTPS - or if you just feel like gaming with someone who tries not to be a total jerk - I’d appreciate it. PM me for screen name and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

I’m pretty much the same boat as you my friend, we should play together sometime

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I haven’t gotten around to TPS yet, but I’m on pretty frequently on BL2. Feel free to add me and I can try and help you guys out. Or just game in general.
PSN: Gearosi
Just let me know in a message when you add me, who you are so I don’t just ignore it or anything like that.

I’m always looking for new players on BL2, haven’t gotten around to TPS yet, but I will soon probably.
I currently have a 42 siren, 28 assassin, 27 gunzerker, and a 14 commando. My PSN is TeH_KoJ so throw me a message or friend request if you want.

Need partners for borderlands 2 raids and gear farming add NOMAD0829 then join me

I have some lower level gear that I can drop for you but I’ll also level you if you want to jump in. I have every character OP 8 except Kreig. I was able to carry over all my saves so I have mostly level 50 ish gear and up from there. I’m also down to help you farm for whatever you need. Add me if you want. Psn is cee6vette.

hi im in the exact same boat as you although i’ve leveled my Kreig up on BL2. Always looking for co-op partners though! Add me on PSN: ZML09

My PSN is axendo, what level are you and what gear are you looking for? If you add me, just add a short message so I know you are from here.