[PS4] Looking for hardcore casuals to play Battleborn competitively

I’m looking for a number of PS4 gamers to play Battleborn with on a competitive level. As much as some of us would love to practice, play, and stream Battleborn 24/7, I get that we all have other commitments. School, work, relationships, friends, kids, pets, and other hobbies can keep us from putting in 40+ hours a week playing Battleborn. So I propose a team of players that meets online regularly, but on a time table that fits every member’s schedules. Do you have to get up early for a final exam? We won’t push you to practice until 3am. Have to work late? We can postpone practice an extra few hours until you get home. Wife sick? Take the day off, we understand. A typical team schedule would have regular game time M-F in the afternoons (after work/school), but not too late into the night. Weekends are optional to all members, as I am a firm believer that weekends should be free for all!

The team would meet for pub matches, 10-man skirmishes, even co-op story (because ANY time spent playing the game is time well-spent). The only qualifications members need to meet are a firm understanding of the core gameplay mechanics, and courtesy to other players both on and off the team. If you’re not the best sharp-shooter when it comes to FPS games, don’t worry. Battleborn has a wide variety of characters, and even a lousy shot like myself can add value to the team in other ways.

Community within the team comes first, so if you have a friend or SO or family member that you like to regularly play with, invite them as well. When it comes to competitive tournaments, no one is going to be permanently benched. There isn’t going to be a “core 5-man team” within the team. Everybody plays…if they want. No one is forced to compete if they don’t feel like it.

Interested? Post your PSN name in this thread and expect a friend request from “reincarN8ed_Mk2.” If you want to casually chat with me or other Battleborn enthusiasts, join our Discord server.


sounds neato dood, The names Lordofon
also did you set up a ps4 community group? if not, we could use mine; The Nega-Normies



Sounds good man. Count me in.

I’m game



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I’m whwiii on ps4 and I’d love to joing, but I don’t know that I’ll actually be all that good at the game.

Absolutly perfect, I’ve been looking for the exact same deal. Names: KreamyCold on PS4

Our team is looking to go the more tournament route but you guys sound like a good solid group of individuals. PSN: SeamanXanthos if yall every want to skirm or anything

PropositionA on PSN!

I’m totally on board with this! PSN ID: PheelyksArtifex

I am so glad I found this thread, playing with random people is okay but I need people I can coordinate with so this isn’t like Call of Duty. Add me, I’m RailtracerGamer on ps4.

Sorry if I’ve been slow to respond. I’ve been wrapped up in the early access. I just need to send out friend requests to everyone after PropositionA, and I will do that! See you all April 8th!

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Ok, thanks!

I’m down. PSN LordDeathscythe7 add me.

We are just 5 days away, and I’m looking forward to playing the beta with all of you! I’ll be doing some live streaming during the beta as well (as long as my internet connection permits).

@LilCid I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ll get that PSN invite to you ASAP.

@reincarN8ed no problem. I’m super excited and can’t wait to play every single night.

Sign me up!
My psn: hir365

reincarN8ed, seen you around everywhere I go. We should definetly team up for some play. I have a couple buddies that are pretty excited about the game but haven’t been on the forums.

PSN: jokerking9211

This sounds so cool!