Ps4 , looking for level 80 op8 flying sandhawks in corrosive, shock and fire

looking for flying sandhawks in op10 in corrosive and fire , as want my flying sandhawks at max again as like them a lot ! any help is good to me :slight_smile: also got few op10 weapons as well to offer in return.

I got a shock flying Sand hawk. ID is tonycheekswwac

what would you want in return for it ? as new to using forums myself :stuck_out_tongue: but drop you message :slight_smile:

By chance can I get my hands on that sandhawk from one of you as well? I have a good DP unkempt Harold, Bee shield and some other things at op8 if your interested. I’ll be on for a bit today if you can help out.
ID: Denzelicious-

need to update post as didn’t know op10 was thing so had guy above help me get op10 and also one of flying sandhawks but still missing corrosive and fire version of them in op10 I guess but didn’t see op10 update in the update of new dlc :stuck_out_tongue: