(PS4) Looking for other members to form a Competitive Team

Hey everybody, I am looking for players who would be interested in playing Battleborn at a high level and compete in tournaments if the Community aand Gearbox/2K wish to make that a reality eventually. Battleborn has the potential to really become an Esports title, especially since the Esports scene is lacking on the Console side of things.

I am looking for people to play with at least 4 times a week, starting around 10pm Central and playing at least 2-4 hours with during those training sessions. I will be streaming during those sessions and everyone is welcome to do as well. During the day and while at work, I will be going over my own gamplay and the teams to come up with things we can do better at in preparation for playing in a Tournament setting.

To be the best at something takes time, dedication and perseverance. I would not expect anyone to do this lightly without evaluating their personal life and make sure they can fit the time in to their schedule, especially if an Esports scene takes off, one has to be able to afford travel to LAN tournaments, lodging and everyday life.

If interested and would like to talk more about this, please respond below or send me a private message.

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day.

I would be glad to play with you but I don’t think I’d be available to travel to tournaments. I’m currently in high school so my schedule isn’t open during the week but I can join your matches on breaks and weekends. I have virtually no experience with tournaments but if it’s possible to join one without traveling ( except on breaks, then it’s fine )then I’d be glad to compete with you.

I’d love to, but your time table is a little ridiculous. I can’t be up until 2am 4 days a week when I have to get up at 6am the next day…

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That sucks man. Sadly, that is usually how the industry works for players. Start practicing around 6pm and not stopping until well past midnight.

I’ve been looking into this very same thing myself. Would love to find more like minded people who are willing to invest the time. I’m in EST and and up till about 3-4am most nights. Let’s talk more about your plans.

I have found a small team willing to strive towards this. Message me on PSN and ill get you in contact with the Team Captain.

My PSN: SeamanXanthos

Hello there, this is exactly what I have been looking for. I’ll message you on psn as well. PSN Gstarwind

Ill add you. Our team is full right now but we can always play when we are down a man or trying to get a private match going. Roster changes may happen in the future.

Cool, sounds good. Thanks

Can you add me as well, I’m always down for some competitive even if its just private matches. PSN xiGANGSTAx

Hey Devyn! I would be interested in being a part of this. Even if it’s as a backup for now. My PSN is “Woyb”

Add me on PSN guys. If everyone is on tonight, might be able to run some private matches tonight with you all.

Are you still looking for players to form a team? This is exactly what I’m looking for and the times work form me as well. I have a mic and I stream every now and then. But looking to potentially become a competitor in this game especially if it does get big in esports. I have an attacker style looking to also pick up support. I play with rouge characters.

Still looking for people? I’m interested and can play during the desired times

Add me guys. PSN: SeamanXanthos

We play 10pm to 2am central time right now. We are in the process of trying out for new teammates. Have 1-2 spots open on the team.

Trying to set up private matches due to them being more competitive than pubstomping.

I am interested in making a competitive team for battleborn I have a solid miko and a destructive rath I play from 10pm to 3-4 central on ps4 username- v-holy_sinner-v the friends call me sinner

I’m not down to play my name is rodcent9. I like playing as different characters so I’m always changing to make it fun. I have a mic and I can play most of the time when I’m not working

I am a part of a team already. We have a friend who is interested in building one, his PSN is: S1lv3r4554551n

Message him on PSN and have him try you out.

OK cool man I’ll message him when is he usually online

Cool bro I’ll be on in a bit if your off I’m off Thursdays and Saturdays so I’m usually on all day