PS4 - looking for party to raid bosses in BL2 the handsome collection

Been playing a new VH Gaige in BL2. I am now level 53 in TVHM and I am looking for a party to fight against raid bosses like Terramorphous and Hyperius, etc…
I am playing on PS4 and my ID is quasar_fan.
Let us have some fun.

I would love to. I don’t have a character near that level. I have been planning to tackle them in UVHM at level 80. Still, add me if you would like to play. PSN: Knuffle_Twem

I sent you a request on PSN. Still got a way to go for UVHM. Need to prepare and farm some gear and purchase the DLC Fight for sanctuary.

Nift, added you. You need to purchase Fight for Sanctuary? Thought it was free.

No it is not free. Nevermind I intended to do it to increase to level cap 80. Need to get some item for slagging in UVHM in Tiny Tina DLC.
I will then start UVHM as it is very similar to mayhem scaling in BL3. I play M11 on regular basis.