Ps4 loyalty rewards

Ps4 loyalty awards

Anyone else still waiting for their loyalty awards. Submitted my ticket on April 3rd and have checked in and gotten the known issue and we are working on it. Today is day 15 and just wanted to make sure I’m not the only one waiting this long. I’ve read other posts saying be patient it’s taken up to a week

Thanks for any update

Something’s amiss I think. If you go into your pending requests tab in shift (do this on pc) you can check progress and also leave a comment. Maybe try that…

Thanks. Yes I have done that. Just added another message to my ticket.
Thanks for the response. I feel a little left out in the cold

That sucks man. I hope it turns out OK. Maybe try sending a PM to one of the admin here, such as @Jeffybug - they’ve helped out a couple of others.