[Ps4] match making and long ques

Multi player match making seems… bad. All three games I played today (I spent the day in story mode, I wish there were more of it, it’s great) had low level players against a group of all level 100s.

I’m not sure if I just had bad luck and got put against a full team… and if I did well…screw me. But otherwise, there needs to be a function to even out the teams… multi-player is borderline unplayable for under experienced players right now.

Also, a stripped down free to play version would be great for getting new players. Perhaps you could have static “free” characters for the account, limited builds, and inventory, ect.

If 2k wasn’t having a sale on ps4 I wouldn’t have got the game. And even then I was sceptical. Sony had an awful refund policy so it’s hard to take risks on games

So what you’re saying is that you want This post to become a reality, and to balance matchmaking out a little bit like we’ve been complaining at them for so long?
Ah well, my vendetta against this grouping system aside, You’re in for a real treat of a game now that you have it. I recommend trying the whole campaign on advanced if PvP’s matchmaking feels a bit too unbalanced for you.

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Only one small problem to this.

PS4s are beginning to have issues with having 5 man PvE missions. The low population is screwing that portion as well.

You’ll find mostly 2 or 3 man groups, but they are boring as hell when everything is most fun with 5 man.

Also, another gripe, why can I not choose to have constant name plates on enemies…

I don’t understand what that means.

Health bars

If health bars on constantly, it will look like a mess when a lot of trash mobs spawn to the point where the bars may even block you from seeing an enemy.

I guess that’s the reason, don’t quote me on it.