(PS4) Matchmaking situation

What is going on with the matchmaking,
Spotlight or casual or competition, it take now forever to reach a game;
and today I try for a good 30 minutes with no game at all;
It was split between 15mins waiting in spotlight and another ~15 mins in casual… waiting… waiting…

I know the game is dying but lastweek, I never had this kind of situation… it was very fast even offpeak…

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Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on there. My team of three tried searching in both Spotlight and Competitive for a good 20 minutes each last night before we gave up and switched over to casual. If people don’t enjoy running into high leveled premade teams in casual then it needs to be fixed so that it isn’t the only playlist with a reasonable wait time.

It’s also ironic that most people posting are saying that they had no trouble finding matches in a reasonable amount of time on PS4 before this update, and now with the supposed fix the wait is huge.

It’s July 4th today (Independence Day in America).

I don’t know about game traffic, but I know that in general, Internet traffic is lower (much lower) on holidays.

It’s also possible they did some sort of stealth tweak on matchmaking, but if I were to take a bet, I’d put the blame on July 4th (and the long weekend).

I put the blame on the new MM as it went down by a lot since they released it, before it was fine on PS4

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I agree with that statement. I didn’t really have much of a problem on ps4. It sucks now. It made me go to overwatch and I hadn’t played overwatch in weeks…

I’ll add this to the list right under making split screen players buy a separate copy to play the new dlc…

Another great move by gearbox.

Nobody had much of a problem before on any platform as far as I know. It was quiet during typical off hours on Steam, but I think 30 minutes was usually the top wait time.

This change was a terribly misguided attempt to solve non-existent problems. Roll it back please…