PS4/ Matchmaking with random players does not work (Errorcode 5)

Hello dear friends

First of all srry for my bad english (I’m german).

I just finished the main story of Borderlands 3 and fell in love (I play on ps4). But because I had internet issues I played only offline, never played with others. But I am ver very excited to play with other random players. I am level 37.

Now my internet works fine.
When I press start -> social -> and try to matchmake with random players, nothing happens. I get an error that tells me matchmaking went wrong and I should check my internet connection (errorcode 5)
Maybe I have to change some settings on my Router?? But I have no idea…Routersetings aren’t my area…

Am I the only one at ps4 who can’t find other players?? Or has it something to do with me being only level 37 and looking for players at mayhem 1?

Thank you

Best regards,
psn: locoassassin

There is videos on youtube about your settings,

Matchmaking in bl3 is awful, it can take hours to find a match, if I dont get a match within 5 mins I reset the game it’s only way I can get a match works about 3/10 tries