[PS4] Mission intro video trouble/no first person view

I was playing the second mission(The Void’s Edge?) with some random people online. So we get to view the intro video, and everything goes fine. Untill the game keeps slowly turning around the last character that was introduced.

After a while, the game finally started. I was Miko, and was able to walk and play the game just fine. So was another guy on the team(Playing OM). But the other three people didn’t move. After a while two of those players left. The other guy, playing Rath, then was able to move. Rath was walking around a bit, but he was not holding his swords. So I asked the guy playing Rath what was up. And he told me that he was not viewing Rath in first person view, but he was watching the characters for somewhere up above.(It was quite weird, and my headset is pretty bad so I was not always able to hear him. So I hope he responds to this with the full, complete story.) He said he was able to see Rath, and Miko too. But from a sky view or something.

I have not recorded anything, or made any screenshots. If any other info is needed concerning this bug, please tell. Wondering if anyone else had trouble like this too?