(PS4) Mute Button Improvement?


For PS4:
It seem you can only Mute All or Unmute All;
Is it possible to be able to pick-up the gentlement to mute ?
If not, could you add this option for that;

Situation: Finally, we had someone with a mic, unfortunately that gentlement was making dog noice or whatever the noise was very loud and very annoying. But I was not able to specific Mute that gentlement, it was all or Nothing.


Thumbs up for this!
I don’t mind the banter of some people…
And it’s a shame if I have to cancel out everyone because one either has rebound of their tv, or is playing music, or chewing food…
Mute per player would be good when in the actual game (match/storymode), as mute all is only available at this time…
While individual mute only appears to be available while in the waiting queue at current… And I haven’t made my assessment on whom I want to listen to just yet, but I will in game, when it’s too late.

You don’t have to mute everyone, you can mute individuals (I’ve done this on a few occasions).

When you pull up the list of players, use the right stick to highlight a player, press X to select them and from there you can mute that person.

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So you can!
Thanks for the tip, problem solved :grin:

I will try that on PS4, but I do beleive that when you press touchpad from the controler to pull up the list; left or rigth joystick do nothing, but i will take a look for sure !

I’m doing it on the PS4, it does work.

Didnt have the chance yet to try, didnt play but thank you for the confirmation Martok.