PS4 - Need Co-op Players - New Character - Chilled Playthrough -

TLDNR: New Char a must, first proper playthrough, no speed levelling

EDIT: Copy delayed but I will get it in a few days

Add me on PSN : BeefsteakFungus

I played half of B2 on a terrible laptop with even worse graphics before it crashed into oblivion. Now with Collection on next gen 1080p I will take my sweet time to enjoy the game in full splendour! Looking for fights and shootouts most def, but not ridiculous powering through or blind rage. I MIGHT breeze through the first baby step missions if it’s too familiar but after that it’s proper exploring and working together.
New character or very recent would be best so we can level up together and share loot properly. I will be Maya most likely as she is co-op boss :smile:

GMT +3, wired broadband, mic’s good when turned down a bit, start in 12 hours or so

Add me we can play together
Psn: AmitSD

Sure mate, I will add you in a couple of hours amd msg before starting,

Anyone else who wants in you can add me directly -

PSN ID : BeefsteakFungus