PS4 no artefact drop

The mother of grogons (not sure of spelling) is not dropping artefacts on PS4. Over 30 runs in TVHM M3.

Grenades from red jabber I t looks to drop only 4 types. And not even the good ones. Red queen seams to be favorite! Over 50 runs sways the same 4

Mods on HQ, over 50 runs. All in TVHM M3, 95% of the time drop for other class. And it looks that there are again favorite ones to drop like Amara melee or Fl4k rakk…

For me, Diablo player since forever, farming is just part of the game. Borderlands 3 fails not only in end game but in what farming is. Building event around farming is below sad.

There are so many issues with the game that only Anthem is or was worse. I mean… mistakes that were mentioned million times for other titles including Borderlands 2 and yet still present…

About the issues that will make me stop playing or to recommend the game, in another post soon as I’m still collecting data to be accurate.

Your sample sizes are too small.

Hey. I switched you over to the PS4 section.