PS4 Online Co-Op

Anyone wanting to find a friend to play with in Borderlands 2 or the pre-sequel

I would like a person to play with on Borderlands 2 lvl 17 to 19 or someone on the presequel 12-14 if anyone is interested my name is Caml3To3Munch3r on PS4

What are your usual play times

Yes i need someone to run with. Just started playing lvl 27. My tag is GreatLakeKill81. Send requst asap

I just started recently and really could use some help with the stupid recruitment mission where you put posters up for rose and burn down rival posters. No matter what i do I cant seem to beat it within the allotted time frame. I’m on ps4 psn is rawkjawk420

Got yo bro gonna add you. My psn is greatlakekill81