Ps4 op8 buddies wanted

Gets really boring playing by myself and the ‘matchmaking’ just have people who kick you. Psn is XCalamity_FlareX

i know that feeling.

psn teacup775

up for whateveh. i’m in PST timezone. get online around 6pm mostly.

Yeah, there is no OP8 online games going. Seems to be either people trying to get to OP8 or people still finishing uvhm. PSN: hitman10466

matchmaking is broken for op8. it works by find people +- 3 level differences. Since level is 72, matchmaking only goes to op3.

hit me up for op8 gameplay sometime.


Ok that makes sense, I was like, why is no one OP8 yet :D. I will add you

i think were friends already. psn is teacup775. i can play for a little mornings, with coffee (about to head for work now). i’ll b back 6ish after work.

Ok bro See you soon :smiley: