PS4 peak time pvp and gameplay experience dec 2017

long q times, couldn’t find a pvp match wthin 12-15 minutes

gave up and did private, bots glitched out first match and wouldn’t leave base so lost. Building irritation at the game for no players and bad bots.

won the 2nd one for glacial amount of progression, no trophies, no challenges. Irked that it isn’t my fault there is nobody to play so these things need to be enabled on private. Will still take forever to finish regardless. Dopamine quickly killed with lackluster victory screen of silence and hardly any progression.

did story mode, matchmaking within 5 minutes. final horde mode the thing we were defending died and we fail the entire story after 30-40 minutes of getting to that fight. Felt like a colossal waste of time and got a bunch of trash drops at the end. No dopamine here.

still shocked at the incredibly narrow view and how much is obscured by my weapon. auto-aim is minimal at best and tons of effects that move your reticle around randomly. no auto-aim on hipfire which a lot of the characters are limited to. THIS GAME DOES NOT MAKE AIMING ON A CONTROLLER EASY. Bunch of PC mouse users made this game and have very little sympathy it seems.

progression system is unchanged. about 5 skins that aren’t pretty boring color swaps and all of em are tied behind a paywall. Credits come really slowly for loot packs that generate mostly trash. Not addictive. Dopamine not strong enough to want to repeat.

was reminded that story mode isn’t really a story. just a bunch of horde modes chained together and you have to start over from the very beginning if you fail the final horde mode. Feels like completely unnecessary punishing game design. Feels very out of touch.

This game man… I hope the winter update has some major changes. They need to make it easier to have fun in this game. Seems to have been designed by devs assuming it would be the next great MOBA addiction and needed super super long grinds. 99% of buyers not getting addicted should be a wakeup call for bad assumptions and to avoid getting married to your own design ideas.


you have some good points (loot packs, small playerbase which results in waiting, repetitive PVE) but are you sure there is no auto aim? i sometimes play with controller on pc and i’m average with it, even against people with mouse and keyboard. also, i played a few times on ps4 too.

also i never had a problem with normal story mode. advanced is no problem either with a not-terrible team. i’d say it isn’t a game for solo players, but console doesn’t have a disadvantage in my opinion. And yes the gameplay of the missions is repetitive, but the dialogue never fails to amuse me. i recommend getting some people to play with. as a full team PVP matchmaking is faster and PVE is easier.

Skins. Of course recolours are boring but there a LOT of skins. they can’t design hundreds of skins individually. 5 for level up, 3 in lootpacks, times 30 because there will be 30 characters in total, makes 240 skins. 540 if you count in 60 per dlc (with those that aren’t out now). then there are the gold and cyber skins. i think the alternative is that there are just a few for every character and then everyone will look the same. talk about boring. :stuck_out_tongue: But i agree that there should be skins that aren’t just recolours for every single character available without microtransactions. (well actually there is one, the secret toby skin from the dlc).

battleborn has made some mistakes, but i think you’re a bit hard on it.


The emulation is so real!

Seriously, this just seems like frustration and disillusionment with the game. Maybe a break would help. Idk

Just having non snipers with ADS means it is. OW is made for PC and only two snipers have it. We have the basic gun users, and even a shotgun user

Most importantly, if you ever need people to play with, most of us seem to be on PS4. All of us would be happy with more teammates


PVP quick queue times for me on PS4 even during off hours are less than 5 minutes.

I haven’t played incursion since they separated the queues but I imagine it is only slightly longer.

I’m on the east coast of the US.

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It takes me legit at most 5 mins to find a game on PS4 now too…in the weirdest of hours. Solo queue.

West coast USA.


uses controller on ps4 and pc

played some private ten mans last night. very few pc users are on controller, but im pretty sure i was best overall toby on my team of all tobys. for a character that has a slow moving projectile weapon, that says something.

-> i do have the stick sensitivity maxxed, and jump on l1 and melee on r1. all ‘auto’ things are off except recoil. aiming isnt hard in this game for projectile users imo. cant comment on melee as my latency means most shots dont hit so im biased there.

ill get off my phone & jump on pc and grab the end game screen for you. im curious about how i did compared to the enemy tobys now.

edit: i was a very well rounded toby. also i totally forgot about the pendles XD


second for several thing on my team, and even third in some of the areas compared to BOTH teams. was a good match. wish thralls were listed. pretty sure i capped the most thralls on my team, maybe both, as i killed suave (pretty sure it was suave :p) and stole dbl from him XD

that is impressive

good job!

maybe I caught a slow time and a bad batch of games

definitely get in a group. game is 100x’s better with at least one person the work with or chatter and bs with, lol

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Plus, playing in a non-premade team is pointless anyways. Unless you want to get butchered 7/10 times of course.

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I solo queued for months and I had the opposite of your prediction occur so idk


Playing on Xone here, so maybe theres a difference. But it’s really bad…

Just a couple of hours ago I played 5 matches and got demolished every single time.


rngesus. had no problem solo queueing yesterday or today on pc and ps4, though there were some leavers on ps4. i took the opportunity to work on arbitrary lore while the enemy was down.

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Nah thats about the same for Incursion too, from my experience

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