PS4 performance issues caused by poor presets from Gearbox?

Hey everyone. The good men over at Digital Foundry have done some testing on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X regarding the game’s performance and found some interesting things about both games. The link above will send you to the video, but here’s a somewhat lengthy TL;DR:

Both versions use the same resolutions for Performance and Resolution Modes; 1920x1080 for Performance Mode and, according to their pixel-counting, 3200x1800 for Resolution Mode. This is strange, as usually there’s a resolution-discrepancy between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, as the X got a better GPU. That’s just a fact.
However, it appears the PS4 Pro uses a better graphics-preset, as shown in a comparison in the video itself. Means there’s more graphics-detail retained on the PS4 Pro than on Xbox One X. This is just as weird as, again, X has better hardware.
Performance on Xbox One X is pretty great. Performance Mode isn’t locked 60 FPS, but doesn’t drop too far. Resolution Mode ran at almost perfectly locked 30 FPS from what they tested.
Meanwhile, PS4 Pro is obviously not as good. Performance Mode can drop towards 40 FPS - or worse later on in Sanctuary III from what I experienced. Resolution Mode, in the meanwhile, can drop towards 20 FPS. The footage they showed during testing was just irregular framerates of 25-28 FPS which, to me, is short of unplayable.

So in the hopes that someone from Gearbox will read this, why not do the following:

  • Lower the PS4 Pro’s Resolution Mode settings. 3200x1800 clearly doesn’t run fast enough for the game. We’re not in the previous console-generation where Xbox 360 always ran better vs. PS3 due to Cell architecture. 2560x1440 should run pretty well, compared to what it’s now.
  • Consider using temporal anti-aliasing combined with the lowered resolution. From my personal experience, the game looks like it runs with the FXAA filter from the PC-version, as the PC-version looks a lot cleaner with the temporal filter enabled. Why you wouldn’t use temporal filtering to begin with boggles my mind…
  • Maybe also lower the graphics-preset in an effort to improve performance further. Yes, that will make it look worse, but honestly, you could just use the same preset as the Xbox One X uses to make them on par from visual features (except for resolution, but that’s a given due on the hardware)

The settings the PS4-version uses right now just don’t work. That’s unacceptable and needs to change.


Totally agree. Overall performance on regular PS4 is a mess. Aiming is ridiculously harder compared to Bl2 or Tps due to input lag. Also, a slider to switch off aim acceleration is would be appreciated as well.

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I hope too gearbox fix this. I buy my ps4 pro for borderlands 3 and its sucks with 20-60 fps drops. This game looks not clear. :frowning: