[PS4] Player Initialization Failed: Battleborn Open Beta inventory operation timeout

Attempting to log in on PS4 yields the error message: Battleborn Open Beta inventory operation timeout.

I am not too surprised since the open beta just started and things may not be running properly, but figured I would report it for the sake of completeness.

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Occasionally the message changes to: The Battleborn Open Beta server service is unavailable.

This is why there are open betas! :slight_smile:

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Same here

Agreed. I’d rather be annoyed on the Beta than with the actual game.

Same here, been trying for over 30minutes now

Having the same issue. Not too bothered by it though.

Some people can play it, heck some are even streaming it now.

Same issues here as well. Battleborn Open Beta inventory operation timeout.

I’m getting it too. I’ll just give it a bit of time though, it is an open beta after all, the amount of people trying to login is probably insane.

Timeout error here as well.

Same here.

PS4 -

Alternates between the two:

Server service unavailable/inventory operation timed out

I feel bad for the guy or guys responsible for this. I work in IT and am very familiar with the pressure put on you when things are not working and people are waiting, but the guys working on this have not only Gearbox/2K on their backs, but indirectly perhaps millions of players.

I mean, even though it is open beta, no company wants bad press about any sort of launch, beta or otherwise, so the pressure must be immense. It will be especially bad if Overwatch’s beta launches perfectly. :hushed:

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Same for me.
i think today i’m done trying it, 8 pm in cest, so i’ll try again tomorrow morning, hope to be ale to log in, i missed playing this game after the tecnical test ended.

I think maybe the technical Test Tester have this issue anyone who has that and was not in technical beta?

they tweeted about a server hiccup, and they are working about getting it fixed

Well if Overwatch’s goes ‘smoothly’ that would only account for Blizzard’s experience in running online games.

But then…it IS a Blizzard title, so I don’t know how smooth it will launch lol

But hope gearbox gets this fixed soon, been hyped about this game for awhile and really want to play it. Been trying for an hour and still getting the errors.

I still have memories of World of Warcraft’s launch. It was not the worst I have seen and was usually playable(ish), but the most popular server, Archimonde, was basically screwed for weeks, and on all the rest database access was so bad that anytime your character looted you would be stuck in the loot animation waiting for the window to pop up, allowing you to knee surf around.

The funny thing about this situation is I guarantee Gearbox tested the servers throughout the run up to this open beta, and probably even this morning. They thought everything was fine, and then when things went live all hell broke lose. Sounds just like a lot of IT projects I have been involved in. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I was there for WoW launch as well, I remember all those wonderful lag spikes, loot bugs and all :smiley:

I’m just anxious for this is all, I’m not upset or anything and likely will still get the game next month when it releases.

Any word yet just got home and all it says is player opperation or initialization failed…-_- i was so excited lol

Hey guys, just to ease your minds a bit, the team is aware of the situation and investigating. Hopefully we’ll know more soon!