[PS4] Player Initialization Failed: Battleborn Open Beta inventory operation timeout

(Sornub) #21

Thanks, Joe! I am sure it is all hands on deck and I hope you guys get it sorted out soon. I think we all know you are all trying your best.

(Kohji) #22
  • Anyone else get a notification saying that NAT type 3 can’t work so they suggested NAT type 1 ?

  • I watched a stream which had NAT type 2 and was playing fine.

  • My hopes is slowly withering away. Haha

(Pkdomo) #23

I’m in!

(V Slash) #24

Same see you all on the battlefield!

(Sornub) #25

Me too! :slight_smile:

(Codexcarbon) #26

Just got in as well. Happy Gamin’ boyz!

(Smithdrnc) #27

Im in as well. Story mode here i come!

(Kohji) #28
  • Me too !!!
  • Happy testing everyone !!!

(ibokiller68) #29

I am currently in a queue, and it doesn’t show me what number i am.

(Rustman21) #30

Yeah ive been in the que for a little over 5 min now, still waiting.

(Kohji) #31
  • What a rush dood. Haha

(Kohji) #32
  • Is it suppose to say what number you’re in ?

(ByoRage) #33

Stuck in que now lol woot at least im past the start screen^_^

(Influencer Guy) #34

We’re currently working on getting more servers going and reducing those queue times for you guys.

(Haralin) #35

Now Lobby cannot be created :confused:

(ByoRage) #36

Sweet cant wait to get in …excited to play …patience is a virtue :slight_smile:

(Kohji) #37
  • Much appreciated dood, I’m actually surprised the server didn’t crash with millions of people trying to get in…plus, it ran pretty smooth for my first play through.

(Smithdrnc) #38

I was able to play a private story match, but when I beat the boss I timed out to the queue.

(ByoRage) #39

Have you played? Currently in que but understandable for a beta ya know

(Kohji) #40
  • Do you get to play with 4 other CPU’s or is it just you in a private match ?