Ps4 Player Initialization Failed

For the past 45mins I can’t get into the game the error message pop up. It says Battleborn inventory operation timeout can anyone leave some suggestions?

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Me too! WtH

I’m on a PC and I have the same error. Just finished a game and cant obtain the xp and that legendary gear I found ;_;
Btw seems as a maintenance to me, so I think soon we’ll be able to play again.

You’d think they’d give us a heads up

I don’t know but I know its not worth attempting to uninstall and reinstall our games.

I’m back in now

When these things happen they usually get fixed fairly quick so its best to just wait it out

Anything change, or did you just login as normal?

Im in as well.

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I have literally just come across this error code on my ps4 after doing a public story mission what should I do?

It was the hotfix going live, you should be good now