Ps4 players battleborn

HEY EVERYBODY!!! longtime gearbox fan first time forum poster! I have been looking for some more like minded individuals that want to start teaming up on PS4 currently me and my better half play together daily (during the beta and now) we play usually with one other friend but would like to complete out a patty occasionally. I have no other friends that play Battleborn and we love the game so we want to fill our friends list with people that play. We have mics and would be happy to communicate so that wouldn’t be an issue. We are good but are not the best in no means. Typically we will play a few versus games followed by a story mode to keep things fresh. Our current challenge is beating the heliophage on advanced but running a three person op has not been successful. So if interested send me a friend request I will accept any and all gamerid: smoothgiant

Oh playtime are typically after 7 each weekday and randomly throughout the day on the weekends

You can add me if you want ^^

Ps4: SpiritReacher

Hey @michaeljwelch21

Welcome to the forums.

Buzz us if you have any questions.

Feel free to add :slight_smile:


hey im also looking for mature players im always online and really would like a team getting bored of these randoms

Just send you guys friend requests cry us send me your ps4 gamer iD and I will send you one.

yeah kind 4got to post user name mybad old age and that :slight_smile: PSN: Suicidal_decay

Hey I just recently got BattleBorn myself and would enjoy teaming up with some guys! Add me Teteb22!

Hi micheal! I’m in the same boat, looking for regulars to run advanced missions, complete lore challenges and get some regulars together for some PvP. If you’re interested in playing with a regular group, please check it out and feel free to join up if it suits you. Here’s an invite link.

I’m interested in joining you

Awesome, just click the invite link to sign up. It’s super easy. Hope to play with ya soon!

Looking for friends as well. Just got the game and looking for a regular group of people. I’m not a pro but I can do pretty decent I think. My psn is Viper9036.

add MCFC_Fan6 on psn!

I’m new to Battleborn. Feel free to add me. 26/m on EST with mic.

PSN : ArtNukem

Hey all, I’m trying to do Heliophage on advance too! But having people to play with for any mode is good too. I have a mic (although I’ve never used it…but willing to take it out of the box it came in lol)

PSN: HussleberryPie