PS4 Players out there

Hi guys, just wondering if there was any PS4 players out there that still play BL2 or BL:TPS, am game for leveling or farming or raid boss hunting, currently working on a 54 Siren. Also have a few other low level chars and would love some ppl to level up with. Add me to friends list with message stating BL2 or TPS. CR0Dragon1988. Hope you all are well.

psn n-o-cal.

Currently working on a level 61 mechro with another player - will be resuming tomorrow evening (GMT).
Planning on co-oping with a Belgian dude this evening on a low level toon - probably mid 20’s - will see this evening.

Feel free to add me and we’ll sort some co-op out. Could always start a new character and sync up with you later in the week or over the weekend.

hey i have a lvl 67 exp/gren axton would love to join you let me know. psn is vladmeir