Ps4 players playing incursion please learn to play it

Seems like every incursion game I play my team doesn’t know wth they are doing its not that hard its not team death match you need to kill minions push to kill sentry and build turrets and bots and get thrall camps and push!!! Seems like 90% of the people on ps4 don’t know how to play it even people iv seen from the beta playing it still don’t know what to do sucks losing when people don’t help out in incursion at all they refuse to push or help buy anything they just get kills or try to steal everyone kills and its stupid. I hate having to try to carry four other people when I’m playing solo and not with my group.

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WOAH! A lot of people do not yet know how to play after a game has been out for 2 days.

I think you worry too much. People will find out how to play in a few weeks, and then you’ll find good people to play with. ^^
I had no idea what to do when I first played incursion. Maybe I should have paid attention to the screen instead of taunting and trolling around with my team. ;p


It hasn’t been out for very long, I know its frustrating sometimes when there’s a lack of teamwork. You could try adding some people to friends list if you are that tired of randoms. Honestly its all luck of the draw with teammates -_-

Yeah well I have 2 or 3 friends playing with me most of the time but when they are at work I play solo and yeah no I understand the newer people who didn’t play the beta at all that’s understandable. Like I said iv seen plenty of people from the beta and people who know how to play just they aren’t trying to play as a team and just kinda let you die without backing up or trying to push. For newer people who don’t understand they can always look up how to play there’s google for video and the forums on what to do. Lol there’s nothing wrong taunting when you get a kill I do it all the time to people.

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I for one don’t want to watch youtube videos. I’m one of those people that just jumps right into a game, f*cks up, learns from their mistakes, and does better next game. (Except for with Kelvin. I will alway fuck up with Kelvin.)
I may be a pain for the more experienced players, but they have to deal with me. ;p I mean, you can’t win all the time. ;p

Yeah that’s true, I’m with you on the frustration part though. The beta was pretty painful doing solo queue at times, just people generally not knowing what was going on. I was hoping that wouldn’t be as bad in the actual release because everyone could try beta.

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I have a general rule for all online games…

I can’t complain about my teammates unless I have my mic on team chat. That way I have made an effort to communicate and educate my team.

Not saying you didn’t have a mic but I hate getting angry messages post game about my performance when said angry player didn’t try to help when it mattered.


This is a nice point, communication is so key in MOBA type games and we can’t be looking at this like an FPS.

Teamwork and communication, much important.


Yeah I was losing and got on my mic and asked what my team was doing and if they knew what to do I told them we need to push and to team up to get everyone since we were losing something like 14 to 94 and the other team had an afk miko healer so we shouldn’t have been getting spanked that badly. But someone else got on mic and called me a ■■■■■■ for complaining that we were losing and started to get into I told him I want to win and not lose a 4 v 5 game this badly.

Well bud if you are on ps4 send me an invite, I’ll talk to ya (as long as you aren’t a dick).

Remember it’s just a game.

Yeah without team you are going to have a really bad time I’m getting fed up with solo que and may stick to the story till my friends can get on to play wit me. Hardly anyone uses a mic so that makes it harder and some people still don’t listen and are out for themselves in a team game. I can do everything myself and get kills and push and buy stuff but I’m only one person doing all that while idk what my team does half the time to much burden for one person who knows what to do when everyone else kinda just leaves you hanging out to dry.

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Sounds good and I try not to be one just as long as people aren’t standing there not really doing anything like when our sentry is getting attacked in base and there’s minions and players attacking it and my team is kinda just standing there like wth defend the base and kill minion and the players stop standing there not doing anything. Or when you have the minions pushed and are attacking the sentry and your teams up not doing anything but watch you try to solo the sentry is annoying.