PS4 Players - Usernames? (Mic Only)

Not sure if there is already a thread for this (couldnt see one sorry)

If anyone here is looking to group up with people who actually use a mic/ communicate with each other like myself, please feel free to add your username to the list

I am a UK based player who is on most evenings

Username: Mozza

Thanks! :grin:

Kekeswagg18 english

Here’s another thread started for this:

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PSN: Cpt-JackBradford

UK times aswell on most evenings after work.

Happy to play fill :slight_smile:

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Thanks bud, just dropped a comment in :smiley:

idonthaveaname95 english and on at random times ^.^ also play destiny ect

Sure, could use more BattleBorn friends

PSN VonStoogiN

PSN S_O_D_cd

If I’m not in a group already I’ll join up with someone. I’ll add you guys when I’m on

Quadpus, Dutch/English

SayBacon , swedish guy

Everyone add FindMySpot. That’s my username.