[PS4] Players with Mics....*NOT COMPTETITIVE*

As the title says. I really am not trying to get a coordinated group of people together for practices and stuff. I don’t have the time to do that anymore. What I would like is a group of good people that just want to play the game with like-minded people. While also looking for PLAYERS WITH MICS on the PS4. I have grown tired of playing games with people and just sitting there in silence the entire time. While I am making call outs by myself and seeing nobody actual do anything good for the TEAM on a TEAM based game, it can get frustrating to say the least. This isn’t me saying I dislike people without mics, I just really want to play this game with people and have a blast talking about things as we play. Some coordination. I’m not a super competitive player anymore, but why play a PvP game without communicating, right?!

I’m not trying to make a Team per say, as much as I’d like to find a bunch of like minded people to play the game with. Co-OP or PvP, doesn’t matter. Laugh, cut up, have a good time…while also not being rude and crude to other players or the other team. Please be over the age of MATURE…which simply means I am are not looking for people that are easily offended nor people that offend easily.

If you are interested and HAVE A MIC, hit me up and just put in the Friend Request “From the Forums” and I’ll add and play some games. Nobody wants to play alone in silence. I play anywhere from 2:00 pm (Arizona) weekdays to anytime on the weekends. Don’t let the timezone thing mess you up. The more people the better I think. As long as when we get on the game we see others playing as well it’s all good!!

My PSN is: Dr_McStabStab


Im down. Add dasev77

Added! :acmaffirmative:

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i meant to send a friend request but sent a message with info but sent a friend request right after,anyways my PSN is tupacrip187 and i would be happy to join you or anybody


Im adding you just cause of your handle. I love tupac. :grin: Big fan here

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Also, In-game chat is ass. Why have games still not developed the technology to chat during the loading screen?!! Just spawn a different freaking thread for chat than for the game and have it run in parallel.

//talking during character select
//all talking is stopped during game load
//talking during game


It’s for reasons like the above that I’m usually in Party Chat. I assume I’m not the only one.


I agree. There are a few games that I’ve played in the past that still allowed for load screen chat. It was nice not being cut off mid conversation. And these were on the OLD consoles, lol.

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Haven’t really found a game worth using my headset until now, so what the hell, would love to play with people who actually know what they are doing.

PSN: MulattoEriction

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Well heck I’m down, be nice to have a group for Battleborn. Kinda reminds of the good times I had with my clan in Destiny.

PSN: Bit_Eagle

Oh and I’m working off CST, I’m in Texas


Added everyone so far. It’ll be nice to play the game with someone that actually is a voice talking and having a good time. Hope you all are sending each other FR’s as well!!!

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I’m down and I actually play objective. Imagine that.

PSN: DonnyD_

I’ll gladly join up with anyone who can put up with me. More the merrier or all that fluff stuff.

Psn: serrus_klaive

I’d be cool with it unless you’re like this one guy I encountered during beta lol. He definitely thought he knew the strategy of everyone in the team and fussed at us if we didn’t. I also would like to find adults to play with that don’t mind the occasional swear from my mic and not have someone’s mom or dad come and berate me.

Feel free to add me, adult and i wont mind how you talk as long as your calm and stuff.

So I’ll still be expecting some friend requests from whoever plans on shooting 'em my way, but got bit of an update. My PS Gold headset broke on me, and honestly don’t know how. So while launch day is just around the corner, I need a moment after finals to buy a replacement or something entirely new.

Just thought it’d be fair to mention.

Absolutely!!! What is your gamer tag? Same as your forum ID?

Nah. Bit_Eagle, I accepted request you sent the other night.

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I’m down, Psn is Holy-420 and I always got someone couch co-oping with me whether it be Missions or Pvp

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I’ll forget, because that’s what I do, I already have a large community who I played the open beta with though and I’ll add all to the community who add me.

I’m from Australia, I have community members from the UK and US so there will always be people online for you to party up with, add me Slif_One and I’ll invite you all to my community.

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