PS4 - Post Patch - Working as Intended?

After Spending a few hours on the PS4 with the new patch, I have found some items that I’m not sure are working as intended.

A couple of things to get out of the way first:

1.) I’m not talking about the takedown. I’ve not stepped foot inside, and I don’t plan to for a while, based on what I’m seeing in the game with my own eyes, and what I’ve witnessed from several streamers.

2.) Yes, I’ve done all the common things. Restarted the system, restarted the game, double checked for updates, waited at the load screen for hotfixes applied, etc… We are past all of that.

3.) Yes, I’m aware that some of this (yellowcake) is personal opinion, but I’m just trying to get some clarification, based on testing. I am of the opinion that some of these could possibly be broken.

Prolbem 1: Anoint: 300/90
I know that it was stated that
“Addressed a reported concern that the Anointment “300% Damage above 90%” didn’t work properly with non-flesh enemy types”

Well, at present this anoint doesn’t seem to be functioning at all, on any enemy. I’ve spent about 30 minutes testing with multiple weapons, and either the anoint was broken against all enemies, and is now a terrible anoint after it has been fixed, or it is not functioning as intended, at least on PS4.

Problem 2: Yellowcake.
Look, I get it, you don’t want people 1 shotting mayhem 10 bosses. I understand your point, I may not agree right now, due to the state of Moze, and having to play as if I don’t have an action skill, but I get it.

But, this can’t be the alternative. We’ve gone from 1 shotting Bosses, to barely damaging them. I spent significant time working on Captain Traunt (my most reliable 1 shot kill prior to the patch), working on positioning, trying alternate splashing, working to try and now hit crits with the cake, and pretty much anything I could possibly do to make the weapon actually usable, and. I can’t. Unless the intended changes to the gun were to make x2 M10 versions of the gun unusable on M10, something is not functioning properly with the Yellowcake. Shots from the yellowcake aren’t even doing 10% of a bar on Traunt, with the perfect setup.

To be clear, am “ASE Healing Pool” anointed M10 OPQ does comparable damage per trigger pool, to what the x2 Yellowcake is doing right now, in a build that is heavily skewed towards using a Yellowcake.

Problem 3: Lootplosion, and Mayhem tags
Lootsplosion has been dropping Mayhem 1 levels of gear. This is a known side effect of the Mayhem Modifier.

The problem is, after the patch, those items that were dropped from a lootsplosion, are incorrectly showing the Mayhem level that they dropped on, instead of Mayhem 1. I have a Mayhem 1 damage level Maggie that dropped from a Lootsplosion while on Mayhem 10, but it is showing the Mayhem 10 Tag on the Item Card. I held onto this specific weapon, because I wanted to see what mayhem modifier it would get allocated in the patch.

Problem 4: Lost Loot, and the duplication of loot
I noticed this problem a small number of times before the patch, but it was generally only when playing in a multiplayer setting. Occasionally your Lost Loot machine will duplicate drops. We thought that it was somehow taking into consideration duplicate drops that may have dropped for other people in the party.

This morning, I was able to replicate this problem while playing solo. After finishing my Traunt Kill testing, I went back to Sanctuary, and claimed lost loot, so that I could move on to testing Agonizer, and after reading some comments online, I knew that Agonizer was back to dropping loot through the map / down the hole.

When my lost loot dropped everything out, I had 3 of a very specific gun, that I had purposefully left laying on the ground, because it’s about as useful as a rough rider with slide to refill shields anoint:

Mayhem 10, Burst Fire, Single Projectile, Kinetic Damage Anointed for Element Crit Novas (the anoint that was bugged to say gunner), Koason.

He didn’t drop 3 identical in every stat value guns on that kill. But, my lost loot machine gave me 3.

I will continue to update this thread as I go through the weekend, and point out anything else that seems to be causing issues.

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300 90 anoint is nerf and probably dead except for high damage one shot weapons.

They add the shield, armor and health values to get 100% and when you damage a quarter of the shield the anoint effect go away.

True, but then the description is wrong. Shield and armor are not HP. In any game, ever!

300 / 90 was working absolutely right! But, guess what, Guardian Takedown came along and they miss the point that there are not many with red bar. So, in their infinite wisdom stated that “don’t work as intended “. Concerns received from which players?

Let’s be serious, you messed up again. As I said before, nerfs as a scope of balancing are rarely necessary. But you have to admit that it’s easier to nerf a few good items than to bring all other to a competitive level.

I wonder if ANYONE from GBX actually played the game in each Mayhem level. I guess not.Dev testing IS NOT gameplay testing.

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Also, Agonizer 9000 is dropping WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many cosmetics, and decorations.

Hello , new guy here. Only playing Amara (currently using the phasezerker build)

Am I the only one noticing a damage loss with the O.P.Q ? Did they lowkey nerfed it?

(I wouldn’t mind the nerf , it would have been a better candidate for it rather than the kaoson , but that’s only my opinion)