ps4 power level help

Hi, is anyone online on ps4 atm who can power level? If so any chance of leveling my siren up to at least level 50. My psn is JaKe_BeLlAmY


What level are you right now?

Just started, it

Did you ever find a group im trying to power level also im 28 tho

Nah not yet, I’ll try again tomorrow, it’s 00.20 where I am now

Ok well if you find anyone to help you may I join Psn: MrThurnisHaley

I will play with you both, I am working on getting my level 47 back up due to losing its higher levels, so at least I can get you both up while I am at it

Aren’t you on ps3 tho?

No, I have both consoles. I am currently on my ps4, my ps3 is just still on and on borderlands.

Oh, crap, sorr, could you send another rerequest? I’ll be on at 11.00 am or midday (it’s 2.45 here now so bout 8-9 hours away) :smile:

Of course. It’s 10 pm here, and I have class from 9:30 till 12:15 tomorrow (college is a pain) but afterwards, I am free :smile:

Okay cool, just send me a message when you’re ready :smile:

After class I have to run to work (Gamestop) and pick up another two copies of the game.

I am a level 25 siren. I’ll join you guys. DKolakowski is my psn name