[PS4] Power leveling and farming for legendaries

Looking for someone with a 72 OP8 that can help power level my 55 commando and I can power level your other characters in return.

I’m looking to start farming bosses ASAP once I get to 72.

Psn: Icerunner45

Psn: thatguysh4rk. I powerlevel people all the time. Plus op8 drops. On most nights around 8 pm west coast usa timezone. Also have the psAPP so I will get your messages immediately

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Looking for some help on leveling up my character from 16 to 72 fast! will help level up your character in return. PSN: SilentxDiamond

I haven’t been able to get to the spot in sanctuary to power level, but I do need to farm torgue tokens this weekend. I accidentally spent them all, so I need to do the bar room brawl lvl 3 about 30 more times. You’re welcome to join and soak up the exp and tokens for that if you can’t meet up with anyone.

I’m always down to help anyone who needs it.

If you guys get a powerleveling session going, please let me know ^^