PS4 Pro 4.50 Boost Mode. Has anyone tested?

I’ve been trying to find info about how much the new boost mode on the PS4 Pro 4.50 firmware improves the framerate of this game, especially with the FOV slider set high.

Anyone on the PS4 firmware beta program able to test?


I tested TPS this morning with Boost on, it’s not a Night and Day improvement but it is noticeable. I’m sure that it will be more visible on a 4K HDR TV, than just a Full HD projector and 130" screen that I have.

I can’t wait to try this. I haven’t played for a while but i know have a Pro and a 40" Samsung 4K HDR TV.

Borderlands 2 looks flippin awesome with HDR on the TV. Shame they wouldn’t make the effort to optimize it for the Pro, but hopefully boost mode will give it that little bit of worthiness to make it chocolate fudge cake.

This is something I came across inadvertently whilst playing Dragon Age again, because I left my TV in HDR mode from watching Star Wars the night before. HDR makes games look stupid good, so boost mode is too long away.

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