PS4 Pro crashing in campaign match making

I only can go for 20 minutes at a time when I get timed out. Then after a few hours of this. I got a hard PS4 crash with a “C” whatever code. This about the 4th time since release I got a “C” whatever crash. Which is not helpful because it’s the standard psn fix.

The co-op campaign which is the most troubling. Because it took hours in TVH mode to get to sanctuary. I’m being forced to do missions over and over again. It’s now a guaranteed time out every time I use this option. Fix?

hard crash too on campaign since the last patch

turn Offline seems resolve the problem, works for me, no crash for more than 2 hours

I’m only timing out in matchmaking, not in the game.

This has turned into a game ending glitch. When I jump down into the rabbit hole in skywell-27 it’s a fatal PS4 pro crash. This has happened twice now. I’ll try again but if I can’t get through this area. It’s end of game for me.