PS4 Pro - desaturated colors issue

I downloaded the Handsome Collection through the PS Now store function a couple weeks ago, and proceeded through BL2 through the final vault boss. I decided to go into the Pre-Sequel, and it desaturated all my colors, even the system colors. Any game I started up had the same desaturation issue.

I rebooted the console, and all the system and other games were fine . BL2 was also fine. As soon as I started up the Pre-Sequel, colors are immediately desaturated again.

I’ve so far tested my screen, tested hdmi cables (am using a $80 hdmi 2.+ cable atm), reset monitor and console to factory defaults, uninstalled and reinstalled the Handsome Collection game, and still every single time I launch the Pre-Sequel all the colors desaturate again.

I’ve spent days searching online for solutions and have come up with no solutions. Is there anyone here who can lend a hand?