PS4 Pro emergency shutdown

So yeah, this is the second time since release that my PS4 Pro kills power completely to prevent overheating, which, isn’t even warm. obviously, it’s noway to actually feel with my hand how hot the chip is inside, but you’d think it would feel hotter than normal? anyway, both times this have occured it’s been when hit by a explosion close up to the screen… fan’s go from 20-100 in a few sec then shutsoff. it’s epspecially noticble when ADS while crazy effects is happening at the same time.

i were using a 14x zoom sniper this time and got hit by a CoV rocket. my character survived but my PS4 performed a seppuku.

this game seems to cause the fan’s to spin much more than other games i play, and it can get very loud. i might be wrong but i don’t think PS4 track heat, it’s instead based of power draw? and this game require a lot of cpu and gpu power, clearly.

please add a 30fps cap option to performance mode. trying to target 60fps or 1800p is obviously to much for this potato to handle. it would fix the load ass fan’s too.