PS4 Pro (FPS) Problems

Can’t play the game at all on OPTIONS/Visuals/GraphicPreference/Resolution. It’s also low FPS & jerky in a lot of areas on Performance. Every other game I play on the Resolution setting. Is there a fix for this/ or are you all working on this issue?

Love the game it’s just this issue that’s making it hard to really enjoy.


I have a PS4 pro, and I cannot either. I gave up on this. It is sad to say, it worked okay at launch but since the frames kill me. The only fix I could think of is get a solid state hard drive. But no guarantee that will fix it.

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If I use Amara with RECURSION - talk about LAG!

Zane when shredding through mobs with redistributor + banjo chaining, forget about it…

The only good thing is - the mobs lag too, so it’s not like the olden days when you would lag locally and the mobs didn’t and you would get your butt handed to you… back in the good ole days of Dialup and DSL (haha)

I mainly only have issues on M4 when it’s SUPER CHAOS, otherwise it works well… wonder if I should blow the dust out of the PS4 or get a fan??

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I already tried the blowing dust out… didn’t help anything sadly. Even tried re-downloading the game… didn’t work either. Since all my other games work great, the problem has to be an issue w/ the game itself. Even though it is playable on the lowest settings (and I didn’t buy the Pro to play on the lowest settings) the FPS and lags/glitches really take away from the enjoyment of an otherwise awesome game. Sad…