PS4 PRO General sluggishness playing splitscreen

We’ve been playing BL3 since last night, and have had experienced major sluggishness when one of us is navigating menus, or vending machines when the other person is playing.

For example, If I’m walking around / shooting / driving, and my partner is looking through her backpack, or navigating the skill trees, anytime she changes sections of the menus (using L1 or R1 ) my game skips. Usually sending me in an unpredictable direction when driving or teleporting when in combat. It’s super inconvenient, and annoying when we’re both learning this game together and anytime we navigate the menus its as clunky as Ellie’s thiccc bod.

Is anyone else experiencing this as well?


Borderlands 2 suffered similar on splitscreen, but usually only the 1st few times until it is loaded in memory. We are playing BL3 over LAN but even like that the menus still lag everytime they load. Sometimes quick and simply fast loading menus streamline the experience better. It is pretty, but would rather have faster menu swapping over aesthetics any day.

Edit: I have PS4 pro, she has regular (both act same)

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Yup …been experiencing it too. Incredibly annoying - especially when it’s midfight and your other half decides she needs to look at and junk some gear while 8 mobs are jumping you. Can’t shoot anything and die from seemingly invisible things or get thrown out of the map somehow