PS4 Pro or Xbox One X

I understand that the PS4 version of BHC is generally considered better than the one for Xbox One.

Now that the “upgraded” consoles are out, does the game play better on the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X?

Definitely going to pick this game up, and have both of the new consoles, but want to know which version is best.

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News to me! After a rough start at launch with different problems on both platforms, it’s pretty much a wash. Definitely nicer than PS3/360 though.

AFAIK it’s the same version of the game for XB1/XB1X and PS4/Pro - no difference in resources or code. The real decider should probably be, do you know more people for co-op play on PSN or XBL?



I’m not aware of any specific “enhanced” treatment on either console. However, if the Xbox One X is a more powerful machine, is the Xbone version the one to get?

I really don’t think it matters for the Handsome Collection games. It might make a difference when the next Borderlands game comes out given the content of the UE4 tech demo Randy P. demoed at the GDC last year - some pretty impressive visual effects going into the game, so more graphics horsepower is likely to be good. Until some actual details come out though (and no-one outside of GBX/2K have any clue about when that might be) it’s all guesswork and speculation.

So, as I said, I wouldn’t base my choice of HC for either system on the system specs, I’d base it more on where my friends are and whether I have saves I can use on the new box (ie what system are you currently playing the game on?)

You need to change your line of thought. Don’t think about games that exist now, but about games that will be coming out. That way, it’s clear to see the X-1 is the way to go. It costs a bit more, but is a much better machine technically, that’s for sure.

I’m using a PS4 Pro, and albeit it runs better than a base PS4, The Handsome Collection was developed on an old engine, so it’s not gonna run super slick on anything. My nephew said Washburn Refinery still runs like crap on a beefy PC.

But yes, old games will still run better due to the higher technical specs of the X-1. But think about the next gen games. Horizon Zero dawn looks and plays amazing on the PS4 Pro. And that’s your next thought process - your TV (or Monitor). Not sure what 4K HDR monitors exist, but in order to see the full benefits of next gen games, you need a nice new TV!! (unless you already have one)

Happy shopping :smile:

edit: forgot to say, if you have the X1 you could even play B1 again, and i believe it would look pretty decent.


It does indeed look decent - I don’t know if it’s the case that they switched all the graphics for those from the PC version, or if they were already higher res than the PS3/360 would show, but it’s nice playing BL1 on XB1.

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