PS4 pro overheating during Ruiner fight

I have had my PS4 pro overheat several times in the ruiner fight. I know my machine is working fine otherwise since it didn’t overheat at all during TLOU 2. This is actually the only time I’ve had this issue. As soon as the crystals turn reddish my PS4 fan goes into overdrive and I get a warning to shut it down due to overheating.

All the effects really push the PS4 too hard, and mine often sounds like a jet engine. I haven’t had shutdown warnings yet though.

There are a number of articles on keeping your PS4 cooler, but there’s no blanket solution for the growing catalog of 4K games pushing so much data and enabling so many effects.

Main thing, try and keep your PS4 apart from everything, with plenty of space to the sides, nothing ever on top, and if possible raise the bottom somewhat to get more airflow underneath.

There are extreme measures like adding fans or replacing the thermal paste, again, on line articles cover that.

Or you could order one of these things for US$30. I haven’t tried one so don’t know how well they work or if they just add more noise, but might be worth a look.

While I appreciate the reply I believe that this has more to do with that part of the game. TLOU 2 is probably the most demanding game I’ve played and my fan would blast often but it never overheated.
As I stated this scene is the only time my PS4 ever overheated. Again thanks for the reply.

On regular PS4 I’m not overheating, bit something definitely seems up with that fight. Killing it and quitting out just a handful of times leads to the game crashing on a kill.

A data point;
My PS4 Pro gave me an overheat warning today as I was playing Borderlands 2. Not 3, 2.
Plenty of ventilation, ambient temp in the room is 65 (Coastal California), doing the Slab King mission without any particular rush of baddies or effects.

Makes me want to point a finger at Sony and not Gearbox on this one.

27 days and 1 patch later. I log in, fight Ruiner twice, and it crashes.