PS4 (Pro) Problem With "Moxxie's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot"

OK, I have a PS4 Pro, I also have the Super Deluxe Edition of Borderlands 3.

Now, I was in Sanctuary 3, and there was a “poster” for the above mentioned DLC, and the only thing I could to was to pay for it.

Sooooo… I attempted to contact PlayStation itself, but I got no answer, and it said they couldn’t help at this time (it was an automated response). So:

1: Is the above mentioned DLC a part of the “Super Deluxe Edition”, or not?

2: If it is supposed to part of the “Super Deluxe Edition” then PlayStation screwed me over, and I am … {upset}…

3: I decided to buy it anyway, because of REASONS.

4: However it was only $16.11, so big deal, however it is the principle.

If I am wrong about the fact that it is included in the “Super Deluxe Edition” then someone needs to digitally kick me in the head.

Go to the Playstation store, search for borderlands 3, find the DLC and it will be marked “Free” . Choose download. It is included in the Super Deluxe edition.

OK, I got really p*ssed off, and bought the DLC anyway (sorry).

Then, a few minutes ago I went to the PlayStation store and there was no “free” option for me. SO, when the next DLC comes out, I have got to figure this out!!!

But, thank you anyway.