PS4 pro support?

Would be cool to see updated graphics, or at the very least finally be able to play marquis without god awful frame rate drops right at the most important time.

I would imagine they could support both console upgrades with little effort since this is also a pc title.

troof, I wonder how great the PC version is. Surely the pro could handle it.

“Updated Graphics” “No Framerate drops”
…you might have to pick one or the other.

Maybe the Pro version could open up some possibilities. Like a FOV slider? :stuck_out_tongue:

why would I have to expect either or? Pro is a pretty sizeable upgrade

Slightly more discussion on this topic in this thread. Emphasis on slightly … but at least Joe responded there. :smiley:

I would like to point out that the PC version isn’t the most optimized game out there, either.

AMD builds seem to struggle the most, though that’s just my anecdotal experience in reading player reports on this and not necessarily true.

But, if they’re looking into graphics updates for PS4, they’ll also have to look into performance updates which could help all platforms. I’d say that would be worth the work, even though they haven’t commented on improved graphics.