PS4 -> PS5 save transfer crashes

So I excitedly popped my bl3 disk into my PS5 hoping to continue my adventures. And was greeted with the save tranfter feature crash.

I loaded up the ps4 version (on ps5), uploaded my favourite character.
Then downloaded it on PS5 version, which caused a crash.

No matter how many times I tried this, it would not work.

What would work is this:

  • Deleting “User Settings” on PS4 data managment
  • Start PS4 version (go through initial HDR/brightness etc setup)
  • Load character
  • Upload
  • Switch to PS5
  • Download character

The problem with this method, is it “forgets” my bank/sku upgrades/guardian ranks etc

I hope this extra information helps you guys get to the bottom of this soon, as I want to resume my adventures!



Oh my god it worked! Deleting the “User Settings” part of the PS4 save is what finally let me bring my save file over to the PS5 version of the game without getting the CE-108225-1 error!!

Bless you.

Your welcome, however it does not bring account wide things over unfortunetly :frowning:

You lose guardian ranks/skus/skins etc

This information is wrong. There is no user settings on PS5 anywhere. Please be more descriptive in this as these points are inaccurate and I’m getting no where. Thanks.

It’s the PS4 data management, not PS5 data management.

This can be found by either using your PS4 or finding the PS4 data section on the PS5

Since the latest update, I was able to tranfer all my characters successfully. All unlocks, banks etc all moved over.

There are still issues with several PS5 trophies however

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