[PS4] PvP Lobby sent us to a PvE game

Playing the beta, I had the interesting circumstance that:

  1. I selected Public PvP lobby.
  2. The game searched for, and found, 4 team mates.
  3. It stalled on finding an opposing team.
  4. The 5 people on my team were moved to the Map Voting lobby, where we were given the choice of “The Algorithm” or “The Void’s Edge”, or no preference.
  5. During this process, it still said “Versus Maps: Setting up game” in the top right-hand corner.
  6. It sent us to play PvE in The Algorithm.

The only thing I could think of that might have caused this is that I hit Public PvE, then backed out before confirming Public PvE again. Perhaps this confused the system. I didn’t click to start matchmaking.

The Match ID was 20160411-a2041cec-f703-4b1b-8b26-aff693ffde70
Supporting images below:

Note in the first image where it says “Versus Maps” with a nice green checkmark on “The Algorithm”. :slight_smile:
The system also considered it a PvE game in the end, as it listed Mode as “Raid - Five Players”.