Ps4 really long queue times

Having issues getting to pvp matches. I’ve tried capture and meltdown, but I’m waiting 30 min to 1 hour in before matches, and currently even over a hour trying to get in a match.

Any tips or tricks to get in sooner? Am I the only one having this issue?

Where in the world are you located? What time of day/evening are you playing?

I’m in the UK and I’ve never had any problems getting into games. I’d say 5 mins is the most I’ve ever waited and usually it’s around 2 mins to get matched up.

so at 7am UK time (work time for Europe and bed time for USA) that is possibly the worst time in any 24hrs to get a match I would think.

I’m in the Texas. Last night I was playing from 8pm to 1 am (or at least attempting to, spent most of the time waiting in queues).

yea this is happening to me making me want to not play this game. pretty sad love it other wise.

Anyone know what is causing the problem? Lack of players?