[PS4] Savvy Phebert +100% dammages after using a competence

Hi Guy,
I’m actually searching a Savvy Phebert with dammages +100% after using competences. Can trade against R4kk P4k (three different mod) artifact, or Annointed Transformer…
Thanks a lot !

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hello, i do have a cryo phebert +100% dmg ase to trade

do you still need it ?

What are you wanting to trade for it?

cryo lucian 50% fire ase
shock rowan 50% shock ase (can accept 100% ase)
cryo hex 50% fire ase
storm front 50% shock ase

also looking for ice breaker otto idol with specifics stats

I probably have none of what you are looking for to be honest. I will look on some of my mules and see.

I need it yes, what do u need ?

Add Daemomys !

not what i’m looking for but thanks for the offer though

have a nice day

I have the cryo one, you have a radiation anointed transformer?

Nop, but got the clonning hex radiant


Yes, Cloning hex Shock element annointed Radiant Dammage yep

Add me on PSN: and we will trade. :grin: Merry Christmas.

Thanks, Merry Christmas too.

Wait a Second, send i via mail, i’ll duplicate the Hex GRenade